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The original instant glass chiller from Thrill International.

A cultural change in the way we drink.

Freeze glasses instantly – ice and sanitise

Thrill is now mobile!  Introducing another quality product designed, engineered and 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Thrill TOWER provides unprecedented mobility and maneuverability to satisfy and amaze your customers and friends whenever and wherever service is required.

  • Ideal for tableside service in fine dining restaurants
  • Ideal for any outdoor event or poolside party
  • Ideal for all types of catering or banquet service
  • Ideal for those looking to add a unique element of interest to their home to entertain guests

The Thrill TOWER can add that next level of service and entertainment to any event.


More informations

Improve the quality of drinks

Thrill TOWER is the ultimate expression of quality both in materials and design: Constructed of 100% stainless steel with a beautifully finished natural Iroko wood top.

Interchangeable accessories include stainless steel ice bucket and glass rack.

The effect created by the THRILL adds to the level of service and quality of the products served while amazing your best customers and friends.

Certified with CE and NSF approvals along with a 2 year worldwide manufacturer's warranty.

Designed for optimal performance on smooth surfaces while providing maximum mobility, maneuverability, and safety with locking, rotating casters.

Thrill Tower creates a new quality standard for tasting cocktails and drinks.

100% stainless steel with a beautifully finished natural Iroko wood top

The appeal of the Thrill TOWER is in the significant improvement of drink quality by not diluting cocktails while enhancing flavors and aromas, and eliminating bacteria and unwanted odors.

Sanitization takes place through thermal shock provided by CO2 which reduces up to 88% of bacteria while also eliminating unwanted odors from the washing and rinsing process.

The industry leading Thrill design is now available in the new Thrill TOWER offering complete mobility and maneuverability while providing a one-of-a-kind performance on a stage that will capture the attention of customers and friends.  Prepare to be THRILLED!!

10 Pros of Tower instant glass froster

Low CO2 consumption

5g per second (-50% compared to competitors)

Rechargeable battery

Standard version battery lasts 7 days

100% Stainless steel

Resistant and easy to clean

Two year warranty

Guaranteed quality!

Use with one hand

Quick and easy for professional use

Anti-freeze patent

Without pauses or interruption for many hours

Wow Effect

Eye-catching design


Just a characteristic hiss

All-weather electronics

Ready for outdoor usage

ERT option

Connect to tanks located 8m/26ft or 12m/40ft away


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