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Vortex TAP

The countertop glasses chiller that revolutionizes the bar mat tool concept.


Mat with integrated glass cooler: freezes and sanitizes

The new Thrill Vortex TAP glass chiller revolutionizes the bar mat concept thanks to the integration with our patented freezing and sanitizing system that chill glasses in a few seconds.

Vortex TAP is the latest addition to the Thrill International glass chiller products family, inspired by the design of traditional stainless steel mats, this new professional barman tool offers functionality at the highest levels and a unique design with a two-tone finish: satin structure and matte black grid.

Thanks to a low and elongated design, the new Vortex TAP CO2 glass chiller is ideal for Flair Bartenders and the most demanding Mixologists who can prepare cocktails using a large and reliable workspace, always clean and with integrated glass froster system.

The rectangular shape and the large grid with liquid collector allow Vortex TAP to be used also as beer glasses and mugs sanitizing tool.

Customers who have purchased Thrill International products confirm that their use has increased their venue's sales and customer loyalty.

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Improve the quality of your cocktails

Your customers will appreciate the new Vortex TAP glass giller because it improves the quality of served drinks:


  1. reduces the microbial load by sanitizing the surface of the glasses;
  2. eliminates bad smells and unpleasant aftertaste;
  3. enhances the flavors and aromas of served cocktails;
  4. chill the glass to the desired temperature;
  5. reduces the amount of ice needed;
  6. it does not dilute cocktails and drinks.

With Vortex TAP you need just a few seconds to sanitize the glass and serve a drink, a beer or a glass of wine, free of unpleasant smells and aftertaste. This is possible thanks to the thermal shock produced by CO2 which allows to reduce up to 88% of the bacterial load present on the glass surface.


Thrill International's new Vortex TAP revolutionizes the concept of bar mat.

Vortex TAP glass froster installation: Standard or ERT

The Vortex TAP glass chille machine is made with two fuelling systems:

  1. standard, allows the cylinder to be positioned up to 2.5 meters away from the TAP machine;
  2. E.R.T. that allow the tank to be positioned up to 8m/26ft or 12m/40ft away from the glass chiller.

The Extended Range Tubes (ERT) feeding system is unique in the industry and allows the tank to be position up to 12m/40ft away from the glass chiller while maintaining the same cooling and sanitising properties. The ERT system is a unique Thrill International solution designed for those who want to place the CO2 tank in an area separate from the counter or machine and is ideal for those planning a new venue.

Click here to find out more about the ERT feeding supply system

10 Pros of Vortex TAP glass chiller

Low CO2 consumption

5g per second (-50% compared to competitors)

Rechargeable battery

Standard version battery lasts 7 days

100% Stainless steel

Resistant and easy to clean

Two year warranty

Guaranteed quality!

Use with one hand

Quick and easy for professional use

Anti-freeze patent

Without pauses or interruption for many hours

Wow Effect

Eye-catching design


Just a characteristic hiss

All-weather electronics

Ready for outdoor usage

ERT option

Connect to tanks located 8m/26ft or 12m/40ft away


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