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Co-branding and machine customisation

Customise Thrill International machines with your logo


Promote your brand with Thrill International glasses cooler machines

Thrill International products are perfect for co-branding thanks to the 100% Made in Italy design, emphasising your company logo in the venue. Your logo will stand out in the design of the machine, available in stainless steel, black or white colour.

Co-branding is a very popular service appreciated by beverage and spirit makers and big chains who want to keep a consistent image in every venue.

If you want to increase the visibility and sales of your products, we can help you customizing our machines by replacing the Thrill logo with your, this requires a MOQ (minimum order quantity) that we will evaluate together.

You can customise Thrill International glass cooler machines with your company logo. Turn Thrill International products into a vehicle for in-store marketing.

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The advantages of co-branding and customisation of Thrill International products

Wide visibility

The Thrill International glass chillers benefit from excellent visibility inside the venue as they are usually placed on the counter where customers wait for their drink to be served

Design, lighting and the characteristic steam effect while in use certainly make it an attractive element increasing the visibility of your brand.

Improve quality

Thrill International glass chillers improve the quality of products served thanks to the reduction of bacteria present on the glass, the cause of unpleasant odours and aftertastes.

It reduces the use of ice providing your customers with undiluted drinks and cocktails even during the hottest seasons of the year.

Reliability and convenience

Thrill International products are known worldwide for their quality and reliability thanks to their careful design, created for professional use.

Investing in a co-branding and customisation project with Thrill International products guarantees the constant visibility of your brand.

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