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E.R.T. Tube

Place the CO2 tank up to 12 meters away.


E.R.T. feeding system (8 – 12 meters)

Thrill International is the only one that produces glass chillers that allows the CO2 tank to be placed up to 12 meters away from the machine.

This is a unique technology, developed and created by Thrill International to meet the requirements of customers who need to place the CO2 tank far from the glass chiller.

Thanks to the E.R.T. (Extended Tube Range) available for all our glass coolers, you can place the CO2 tank in a dedicated room or create a custom furniture without having the constraint of the tank  and without affecting the functioning of our ice glasses.

Standard versions are supplied with a 2.5 meter pipe.

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Examples of Thrill machines with E.R.T.

Buy your Thrill E.R.T. glass chiller just in 3 steps!

1st step: the machine

Choose a Thrill glass chiller prepared for the E.R.T. system

To use E.R.T. it is necessary to buy a Thrill glass chiller prepared for this type of feeding.

All Thrill glass chiller machines are produced even in the E.R.T. version.


2nd Step: the tube

Shop the desired size additional E.R.T. tube

Thrill E.R.T. tubes are made in two sizes: 8 or 12 meters.

Choose the the right length tube for your needs to place the tank wherever you want.


3rd Step: your E.R.T. glass froster

Here it is your Thrill glass chiller with long tube!

Thrill machine predisposed E.R.T.


Original Thrill E.R.T. tube


Thrill E.R.T. glass chiller!

Here is your new Thrill machine to freeze and sanitize glasses with E.R.T. tube which give you the possibility to place the CO2 tank up to 12 meters away!

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