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Glass chillers for home use

Thrill International glass chillers allow you to design your home like a professional bar.


Italian Design for a unique piece of furniture

The Thrill International glass chiller is easy to use and beautiful to look at, two aspects that make them suitable for home use for those who want to serve their guests with style and refinement.

You can choose between the Vortex SBI built-in, ideal for integration into the kitchen or bar worktop, the Vortex F1 Pro used by mixology professionals or the Vortex Cube compact design.

The new Thrill JETThrill Wood and Tower collection adds a touch of Elegance and Design to the already known Sanitization and Cooling functions. Skilled Italian artisan craft create each unique piece adding style and class to any home, perfect for any imaginative interior design.

Thanks to the rechargable battery, Vortex F1 and Cbe can be used everywhere: at home, in the garden or even on the boat.

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Furniture, design and quality in your home

[Translate to English:] Complemento d'arredo con design 100% acciaio inox

Complete your design

The eye-catching aesthetic of Thrill International products in stainless steel, black or white colours make our glass chiller an integral furnishing accessory able to adapt to any style, from minimalist design to modern or classic styles.

In the Original version, the low-energy interior lighting system creates a pleasant home atmosphere.

[Translate to English:] Proddo 100% Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy Design

Thrill International glass chillers are 100% Made in Italy to guarantee a refined aesthetic and are appreciated world-wide. Professional work tools that are also furnishing elements.

The built-in Vortex SBI is made entirely of stainless steel with a built-in mounting system that allows total and safe integration into any material – steel, wood, quarts, solid surfaces.

[Translate to English:] I nostri raffredda bicchieri migliorano la qualità delle bevande

Improve the taste of drinks

Thrill International products are used in the most prestigious venues in the world and by mixology professionals to sanitise glasses by killing 88% of bacteria and removing unpleasant odours left behind by the dishwasher.

To taste a good wine, prepare a cocktail at home or drink a delicious beer it is important that the glass is sanitised and brought to the right temperature, something you can do in a few seconds with any Thrill International glass chiller.

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