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Vortex F1 Pro

The original instant glass chiller from Thrill International.

A cultural change in the way we drink.

Due design per il Vortex F1 Pro: Originale o LCD

Ghiaccia bicchieri Thrill Vortex F1 Pro Original inox

Vortex F1 Pro Originale

Il raffredda bicchieri istantaneo Vortex F1 Pro originale è l'ideale per chi gradisce uno stile sobrio e minimalista dove le tre finiture - inox, nero, bianco - valorizzano il logo retro illuminato Thrill International.

L’effetto scenografico della Thrill Vortex F1 attirerà l’attenzione di nuova clientela alla ricerca della modernità e qualità di servizio, con evidenti benefici per la tua attività.

Su richiesta del cliente possiamo brandizzare il Vortex F1 Pro sostituendo il logo originale Thrill con quello di un altro brand, una soluzione ideale per produttori di bevande che vogliono aumentare la propria visibilità all'interno dei locali.

Freeze glasses instantly – ice and sanitise

Thrill Vortex F1 Pro is the original glass chiller, 100% made in Italy, developed and designed by Thrill International, a professional freezer for glasses that innovates the food service industry and establishes a new quality standard, with the mark of excellence and modernity: sanitise, remove odours and cool glasses.

The eye-catching vertical design of Vortex F1 Pro will capture the attention of your clients. The operator can maintain an ergonomic position optimal for work, even with medium-low counters.

Appreciated worldwide for maximum reliability and performance, designed for professional use, the glass chiller Vortex F1 Pro is designed in stainless steel both with Colour, Standard or ERT options.

A glass chiller significantly improves the taste of drinks. A new quality standard for food service industry operators who aim for excellence and modernity.

Customers who have purchased Thrill International products confirm that their use has increased their venue's sales and customer loyalty.

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Improve the quality of drinks

Your clients will love the glass chiller Vortex F1 Pro because it improves the quality of the drinks you serve: it doesn't dilute, it improves taste and aromas and kills bacteria.

It is a professional machine ideal for serving the best cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine, champagne and prosecco.

Vortex F1 Pro is a glass chiller that uses CO2, sanitising with thermal shock that kills up to 88% of bacteria in glasses, eliminating invisible post-washing residue that causes bad odours and alters the taste of drinks.

With Vortex F1 Pro you need only a few seconds to sanitise glasses and serve an uncontaminated drink, without unpleasant odours or aftertaste.

Vortex F1 Pro creates a new quality standard for tasting cocktails and drinks.

Three colours: steel, black, white

The Thrill Vortex F1 Pro instant drinks chiller is 100% stainless steel and comes in three colours: steel, black, white.

Thanks to these three finishes you can choose the colour that best suits the style of your venue, opting for the stainless steel version if you want to focus on the glacial effect, black for a glamorous setting and white for a minimalist design.

All colour finishes are the same quality as the Vortex F1 Pro is always designed in stainless steel and 100% Made in Italy. The black or white coloured models are finished with high-strength epoxy paints that provide the highest resistance to wear and moisture.

Installing Vortex F1 Pro: Standard or ERT

All versions of the Vortex F1 Pro provide for a connection to a CO2 tank, you can choose between two types of connection: Standard (2.5 metres) or ERT (8m/26ft or 12m/40ft).

The feeding system ERT (Extended Range Tubes) is unique in the industry and allows you to position the tank up to 12m/40ft away from the glass freezer while still maintaining the freezing and sanitising properties of the Vortex F1 Pro. It's a solution exclusive to Thrill International designed for those who wish to place the CO2 tank in a position far from the point of use.

The Standard feeding system allows the tank to be positioned up to 2.5 metres away from the Vortex Cube and is ideal for those who want to place the tank near the machine.

Click here and discover more about the fuelling systems ERT

10 Pros of Vortex F1 Pro instant glass froster

Low CO2 consumption

5g per second (-50% compared to competitors)

Rechargeable battery

Standard version battery lasts 7 days

100% Stainless steel

Resistant and easy to clean

Two year warranty

Guaranteed quality!

Use with one hand

Quick and easy for professional use

Anti-freeze patent

Without pauses or interruption for many hours

Wow Effect

Eye-catching design


Just a characteristic hiss

All-weather electronics

Ready for outdoor usage

ERT option

Connect to tanks located 8m/26ft or 12m/40ft away


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